Date: 2014-4-13
Radio Show: Coast To Coast AM
Topic: Cancer Industry Fraud
Host: Richard Syrett
Guest: Jon Rappoport

Guest host Richard Syrett welcomed researcher Jon Rappoport, who shared his critique of the cancer industry, which he characterized as a multi-billion dollar profit-driven business that lures people by using scare tactics to sell deadly and dangerous “treatments.” Despite all of the research that has gone into finding a cure for cancer, Rappoport observed that the percentage of Americans dying from the disease hasn’t changed much since 1970 and even 1950. He also dismissed claims that survival rates are higher than ever and contended that these statistics are manipulated by counting people who live only a handful of months longer than in previous years. Beyond that, he decried the focus of cancer research on treating an individual’s disease rather than finding the ultimate cause of it, since to do so would draw attention to the vast amount of toxins found in today’s society.

According to Rappoport, the lack of progress in curing cancer is paradoxically due to the industry which has grown out of trying to find a cure for the disease and, thus, is dependent on it existing in order to continue to generate income. To that end, he declared that if someone did find a non-toxic cure there would be “zero chance that the cancer industry would accept it, because the cancer industry would be destroyed overnight.” Moreover, he cited numerous alternative researchers, such as Stanislaw Burzynski and Royal Rife, who seemingly found breakthroughs in treating cancer and were persecuted for their work. Rappoport lamented that if the cancer industry was truly invested in finding a cure then it would be more open to honestly studying these researchers’ work rather than silencing them.